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Images are printed on acid free, 100% cotton paper with a soft-textured matte surface using Canon Lucia inks. Every purchase is important to me so I strive to make sure the prints are reproduced to closely match the original while maintaining the best image quality. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding print size, etc., before making your purchase so I can make sure you will be happy with your selection. Thank you for your time and patronage!

Please note: Prices shown do not include shipping, please contact me for shipping estimate on framed originals. Larger views of each image are available on their respective category page.

(Please note watermarks "@smcculleywildlifeart" shown on images are for copyright protection and do NOT appear on actual prints)

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It is hard not to be captivated by these little birds - they may be tiny but display a lot of attitude!                         

Graphite and charcoal

Original: SOLD                                                                                     prints available for $25 USD       8 x 10 paper size, image size 5 X 7

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White Rhinoceros

One of my longest projects to date but turned out well, some may think wrinkles aren't attractive but on this rhino I disagree!

Graphite and charcoal

Original (framed) for sale: $275  prints available in 8 x 10 and 11 X 14

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Bald eagle - close up

I am impressed by the strength and silent charisma of these beautiful birds and look forward to drawing more of them in the future.

Graphite and charcoal

Original (framed) for sale: $150      prints available for $25 USD        paper size: 8 x 10, image size 5 x 7

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African Elephant

The more this drawing progressed, the more I fell in love with it and was very pleased how well it turned out. I joke that it is my "lucky elephant" and has quickly become a favorite.
                                                                                                                                                Charcoal and graphite

Original: SOLD                                                                                                                    prints available in 8 x 10 and 11 x 14

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One of the family of rabbits that frequents our backyard, often within a few yards from our back door for easy viewing!

Charcoal and graphite

Original:  SOLD                                                                                    prints available: for $25 USD    8 x 10 paper size, image size 5 x 7


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 Andalusian horse

From their high gait to their thick flowing manes and tails, it is hard not to be entranced by this beautiful breed.

Charcoal and graphite

Original (framed 14 x 14") for sale: $250                                            prints available for $25 USD        11 x 14 paper size

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Bald Eagle

Easily one of the most recognized and revered birds, it is a treat to be able to view then in the wild on occasion.

Graphite and charcoal

Original:  SOLD
prints available for $25 USD        paper size 8 x 10

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Clark's Grebe with chick

From my earlier pen and ink days, printed on a smooth archival matte paper which really displays the stippling details.

Pen and ink

prints available for $25 USD         8 x 10 paper size

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Long-tailed Duck (Oldsquaw)

The Long-tailed Duck (formerly Oldsquaw) has beautiful plumage and can dive to depths of 200 ft. Printed on smooth archival matte paper.

Pen and ink

Original (framed 14 x 17") for sale: $160. Prints available for $25 USD     8 x 10 paper size


wr zebra 2014.jpg
print size

Young Zebra

We were fortunate to view this foal when it was only a couple weeks old and already irresistible to watch on it's gangly young legs!

Graphite and charcoal

Original (framed 16 x 20")  SOLD                                                      prints available in 8 x 10 and 11 x 14

Snow Leopard.jpg
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Snow Leopard

These cats are silent, solitary and strong and a favorite to view with their beautiful coats and massive paws.


Original (framed 13 x 15 1/2") for sale:  $240. 
Prints available for $25 USD,  paper size 8 x 10


Print Size

South African Penguin

Penguins are quick to attract attention and this one is no exception. I often expect him to waddle right off the paper, asking "what's up?"


Original (framed 17 x 14"):    SOLD                                                        Prints available for $25 USD, paper size 8 x 10              

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Cheetahs are known for their blazing speed and their ability to spot prey up to 3 miles away.


Original (framed) for sale: $265
Prints available for $25 USD, paper size 8 x 10


barn owl.jpg
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The heart shaped face of the barn owl collects sound like human ears, giving them incredibly sensitive hearing ability.


Original (framed 9 1/2 x 14 1/2")   for sale:  $225                                 Prints available for $25 USD (paper size 8 x 11")

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scratchboard Bald Eagle

Original (framed 15 x 17")   SOLD .                                                      Prints available (image size 8 x 10) for $25 USD.

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Original (matted/framed 16 x 21") for sale: $345. Giclee prints available (paper size 8 x10 and 11 x 14).

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Original (matted/framed 16 1/2 x 21") :   SOLD     Giclee prints (8x10") available for $25 USD.

wr gorilla.jpg
Print Size



Original (matted/framed to 14 1/2x 17") for sale: $240.   Giclee prints
(8 x10") available for $25 USD.


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Original (matted/framed to 18 x22") for sale:$300. Giclee prints (8 x 10 and 11 x 14") available.

scratchboard tiger.jpg
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Scratchboard (5 x 7") colored with ampersand ink

original (matted/framed to 10 x 12"):  SOLD.   Giclee prints (paper size 8 x1 0", image size 5 x 7 or 8 x 10") available.

Print Size


Scratchboard (8 x10 ")

original (matted/framed to 14 x 16") for sale: $385. GIclee prints (8 x 10") available.

Scarlett scratchboard.jpg
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"SCARLETT"   - Red Tailed Hawk

5x7 " Scratchboard colored with inks.

Original: SOLD.  Giclee prints available (paper size 8 x  10", image size 5 x 7 ") $25 USD.


scratchboard horse.jpg
print sizes

"Glory"   (Arabian)

9 x 12 scratchboard

Original (matted/framed to 15 x 18") for sale $ 360.  Giclee prints available (8 x 10" or 11 x 14" paper size)

scratchboard lion 2018.jpg
print sizes


scratchboard   11 x 14"

Original: SOLD. Giclee prints available (8 x 10' or 11 x 14" paper size)

screech owl 2018.jpg
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Screech Owl

5 x 7" scratchboard

Original (framed to 7 x 9") for sale: $200. Giclee prints available (5 x 7 image size, paper size 8 x 10")

wr ring-tailed lemur.jpg
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Original  (framed to 12 x 14"):  SOLD.  8 x 10" Giclee prints available.


wr scratch crane 2018.jpg
Print Size

8 X 8" Scratchboard, colored with inks

Original (custom framed to 13 x 13"):  $380
8 x 8" Giclee prints available.


scratch gorilla 2018.jpg
Print Size

8 x 10" Scratchoard

Original (custom framed to 12 x 14") $325
8 x 10" Giclee prints available.

scratch Yellow throated Pine Martin 2019.jpg

Pine Marten

9 x 12 scratchboard colored with inks. Original (framed to 13 x 16”) $425. Giclee prints available March 2019.